Enterprise Scalability


Limitless Integration Capabilities

Whether in the cloud or on premise, organizations today are looking for a meeting automation solution to seamlessly integrate with other proprietary and legacy systems already in place in most public and private sector organizations. Beyond the seamless integration of meeting information and content, eSCRIBE easily integrates with advanced chamber voting/RTS, display and video systems, corporate communication and security standards including, single sign on through ADFS on both windows and IOS devices, out of the box.

API’s (Application Program Interface)

Leveraging several API’s and working with the selected vendors for the project, integrations with eSCRIBE are limitless.

  • Web Services for Meeting Management which provides access to agenda, meeting, minute and task functions provided by the eSCRIBE Meeting Management Module
  • Web Services for Publishing which provides access to web, portal and ERDMS generated publication functions
  • Web Services for Voting which provides access for voting terminals, RTS/microphone systems and public display

Single Sign On

  • Microsoft Office365 user account
  • Active Directory integration
  • Active Directory Federated Services integration

Chamber Automation

  • Provides integration automation with all ancillary meeting technologies such as:
  • Request to Speak
  • Audio Video systems & display screens
  • Electronic Voting & Public Display Screens