About Us

eSCRIBE is a leading provider of secure, cloud-based meeting management solutions for public sector boards, committees and councils looking to boost transparency, increase stakeholder participation, meet evolving accessibility standards and improve organizational efficiency.

More than just agendas or board management, we provide comprehensive meeting management solutions with powerful tools and efficient workflows that support staff, meeting participants and the public at every step of the meeting lifecycle. Taking meeting automation to a higher level, we enable your organization to save time and money so your resources can be better spent on higher-value tasks and projects. Read more about what makes eSCRIBE unique.

Made_in_Ontario_logo_bilingualeSCRIBE was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Markham, Ontario. Our solutions empower organizations across North America and as far away as Australia. In Canada, we have become a favourite of municipal governments, with over half of the top 25 Canadian municipalities choosing eSCRIBE.

“Organizations of all sizes are constantly being challenged to do more with fewer resources, all while meeting increasing public expectations in today’s hyper-connected, ‘always on’, information-empowered world. Our mission is to make our customers’ jobs easier and more efficient while enabling them to provide superior transparency and accessibility to all of their stakeholders. We constantly innovate to make ourselves and our solutions better, and strive to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.”

— Robert Treumann, President and CEO of eSCRIBE.

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“All throughout the training, I was realizing that we do some pretty strange things and have incredibly specific requirements and eSCRIBE does a great job of addressing these things while most other people won’t even understand what we’re going on about.  I’m impressed and have been spreading the news among my peers, who know that I’m never easily impressed.”

Dorothy Shermer | Corporate Officer | City of Port Moody

“Having agenda content automatically populated into the minutes is a real time-saver. I don’t need to re-create my minutes with every meeting; they’re in the system and I can just go in and tweak them.”

Natalie Hunt | Administrative Specialist | Livingston County

“eSCRIBE catapulted us into the 21st Century! In less than 8 months, we have stopped producing paper copies for Administrative and Academic Council meetings and reduced the number of printed Board agendas and reports.”

Danielle Ross | Executive Assistant, Director’s Office | Halton Catholic District School Board

“When you have done something the same way for a long time, it can be hard to accept change. Our Legislative Assistant has been here for 30 years but has totally embraced eSCRIBE. To have someone go through that big a change and be totally on board is a testament to the solution. We don’t know what we would do without eSCRIBE.”

Donna Delvecchio | City Clerk | City of Thorold

“Before eSCRIBE, everything was done manually. It is almost impossible to try and quantify the hours we spent preparing. Compiling reports took months, and building a meeting agenda was a two-day process for each committee. Now everything we need is up-to-date and securely available on any device, anywhere.”

Danielle Manton | Manager of Election & Committee Services | City of Burlington