Drive Stakeholder Engagement Through Digital Inclusion

We live in an increasingly digital world and governing bodies are no exception. Stakeholders demand access to information on any device, anytime. But while legislation to breakdown these barriers is evolving quickly, widespread content barriers still exist for those with disabilities. Exceed digital accessibility compliance, and lead the way for open transparent board through the meeting lifecycle with eSCRIBE’s Accessibility Bundle.

Key Benefits

Accessibility Bundle IconSave Money
$36,800 in potential annual savings

Improved Accessibility
Share information transparently with all internal and external stakeholders

Save Time
7 person hours/meeting saved from meeting preparation tasks
Access anywhere through mobile devices

100-150 trees saved over 5-years

Key Features

  • Live meeting support: roll call, electronic voting and request-to-speak, and minute capture, etc
  • Collaboration support: version control, check in/out, simultaneous multi-user document editing, etc
  • Flexible, user-configurable approval workflows: late item and exception management, ad-hoc and delegate approvers, etc
  • One click publishing of accessible HTML (WCAG 2.0) and/or PDF (UA) content through your organizations website with no programming required

Modules Included

Meeting Manager | Participant Portal | Report Manager | Internet Publishing+

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