Beyond Paperless Meetings – Agenda Automation

The migration away from paper in our everyday lives is well underway. The use of computers began a revolution in making our business documents electronically accessible and now with the addition of eReaders, smart phones and tablets, the need for paper printed documents is diminishing exponentially.

For the most part however, meetings, primarily across the public sector remain foundationally built upon the production of paper and its manual movement through their various meeting hierarchies. With paper reports, agendas, minute books and note taking the amount of paper generated for a single meeting can represent thousands of pages. Multiply this by the number of different meetings taking place over a given year and the cost to the environment is significant. Technology is having an impact with many boards moving toward PDF agendas and laptops or tablets to view them. While a laudable first step, however, the simple process of making meetings paperless is not enough and in most cases actually has a negative impact on process efficiency.

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