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End-to-End Meeting Management Solution for Government



More than agendas… It’s meeting management, and that’s better.

Many city and town boards, committees, and councils rely on paper-based processes to manage their meetings. But with shrinking budgets and resources, there is a need to streamline processes and reduce manual tasks through adopting technology.

To that end, eSCRIBE offers modular, end-to-end meeting management solutions that boost accountability and efficiency, while addressing increasing transparency and accessibility requirements.

Meeting Lifecycle Diagram

Use What You Need

eSCRIBE is modular, with each module performing key meeting functions before, during and after the meeting. You buy only what you need, and add functionality as your needs evolve. eSCRIBE also offers turnkey bundles at a discount that solve common business pain points to take the guess work out of the process.

The easy-to-use, single platform reduces complexity. Users are freed to focus on higher-value tasks and projects to better serve their stakeholders.

A Microsoft Partner

Built on Microsoft’s cloud Azure, customers are assured of unrivaled performance, availability, flexibility, and security.


With eSCRIBE you save time, money and more:

Save Money

  • $24,050 in annual efficiency benefits for a medium sized board
  • $36,800 in potential annual savings
  • $4,250-$8,500 in annual paper and printing savings

Save Time

  • 7 person hours/meeting saved from meeting preparation tasks
  • Reduce human error, improve workflow
  • Access centralized information from anywhere through mobile devices

Improved Accountability & Transparency

  • Document meeting outcomes in a template of a trackable system
  • Share information transparently with all internal and external stakeholders


  • 100-150 trees saved over 5-years
  • Reduce harmful toners, chemicals and waste
Before eSCRIBE, everything was done manually. Compiling reports took months, and building a meeting agenda was a two-day process for each committee. Now everything we need is up-to-date and securely available on any device, anywhere.
Danielle Pitoscia

Manager of Election & Committee Service, City of Burlington

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