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The preferred choice for elected officials and board members, eSCRIBE provides access to meeting information from anywhere at any time.

eSCRIBE enables public sector organizations to raise their transparency when it comes to policymaking and governance. Council and board members also rely on eSCRIBE to make their work life easier by putting everything at their fingertips – literally.

Whether your meetings are in-person, remote or hybrid, eSCRIBE offers comprehensive tools and workflows to improve the efficiency, transparency and accessibility of your organization. In addition to making your job easier, eSCRIBE enables better documentation of the decisions made during meetings, resulting in better-informed stakeholders. And with your team spending less time on administrative tasks around meetings, and more time on customer service, your stakeholders will also be happier.

Benefits of eSCRIBE

The recent pandemic has changed expectations for how organizations should operate. Just as importantly, it has proved that online and remote working models actually work! As such, agencies can no longer deny or delay digitizing their operations; they need to move forward to embrace the technological advancements that must be made. This applies to the meetings many public organizations manage.

See how we can help with the changes below!

Before Meeting

QWithout eSCRIBE

  • Must set aside time to prepare for the meeting – the agenda package/packet isn’t always with you
  • Hard to stay updated on announcements or changes related to meetings
  • Challenging to locate reference documents
  • Difficult to see any public comments from citizens/stakeholders


  • Access the agenda package/packet anytime, anywhere
  • Automatically informed of announcements or changes related to meetings
  • All documents reside in one location on your portal
  • Easy access to public comments from citizens/stakeholders

During Meeting

QWithout eSCRIBE

  • Time-consuming processes for roll call, requests to speak, voting, and declaring conflicts
  • Voting results can be error-prone and are not immediately displayed
  • Challenging keeping up with discussion and voting items


  • Streamlined processes for roll call, requests to speak, declaring conflicts, voting and more
  • Easily submit your vote on a motion with one click
  • Automated calculation and display of voting results
  • Meeting elements are publicly displayed, making it easy to keep up with discussion and voting items

After Meeting

QWithout eSCRIBE

  • List of action items requiring follow up is not immediately available
  • Recordings of meetings not available to public in a timely manner
  • Storing paper documents for future reference requires a lot of space and effort
  • Frequent inquiries from citizens who want to know meeting outcomes


  • Integrated action log for post-meeting follow-up
  • Video is posted to website shortly after meeting and time-stamped to agenda items and minutes
  • Everything is stored electronically in one place for easy reference, drastically reducing paper
  • Easy citizens/stakeholder access to information in a self-serve model

And More

QWithout eSCRIBE

  • Extensive manual effort to ensure meeting information can be universally accessed for compliance with regulatory requirements


  • Compliant with legislative requirements such as American Disabilities Act, Canadian Disabilities Act, WCAG 2.0

eSCRIBE & Remote Meetings

Remote meetings in general will be part of the new normal — whether as the default practices or as emergency contingencies. The ability to ensure your contributions to your meetings are unaffected by external circumstances must become a core capability of your organization’s technology, processes and planning.

While this may seem complex and IT-heavy, the good news is that it is not hard to achieve. eSCRIBE is ready to help you get ahead in planning for your new normal.

Your Objective

Here are the most common goals of our customers. What are you looking to do?

Efficiency – resized

Raise your organization's overall meeting efficiencies quickly

Transparency Bundle

Improve your meetings' transparency via videos and webcasting


Receive public comments and/or requests to speak at your meetings

Got more than one? Goal not listed? Not sure what you need? Reach out to us and we can help!

Sheryl Exley, Legislative Officer
Residents have commented on social media how nice it is to view our videos anywhere from a tablet or smartphone. Being able to watch council meetings from home is remarkable. They also like being able to scroll through the agenda on the website and click an item to go directly to that part of the video.
Laurie Mason, Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer
Our meeting processes have been drastically transformed for the better, and we’ve been very impressed with the service eSCRIBE has provided. We’re looking forward to using more and more of the eSCRIBE features
Joanne Hyde, Clerk

Being able to manage workflows for reports and ensuring the integrity of our approval processes have been paramount. eSCRIBE has saved us so much time that we’ve been able to focus on other aspects of the clerk’s office and take on other projects.

Danielle Ross, Executive Assistant, Director’s Office
As an Executive Assistant, eSCRIBE has drastically reduced my workload—from reports to taking minutes and assigning tasks, the whole process has become more cost-effective and time-efficient.
Danielle Manton, Manager of Election & Committees Services
It’s almost impossible to quantify the hours we spent preparing for meetings before eSCRIBE. Compiling reports took months, and building a meeting agenda was a two-day process for each committee. Now everything we need is up-to-date and securely available on any device, anywhere.
Kathy Stranks, Senior Manager, Corporate Secretariat
We work closely with eSCRIBE on how we can continue to raise our efficiency and transparency, so that we can stretch the dollars we receive and ensure our staff’s valuable time is wisely spent.


eSCRIBE is priced based on the size of your organization, whether you purchase modules à-la-carte or our bundles. Our tiered pricing structure helps make comprehensive meeting management affordable even to smaller organizations.

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