Introduction to eSCRIBE | Meeting Management | Video

Introduction to eSCRIBE – Evolve Your Meetings!



Meetings are essential to public sector organizations, but can be inefficient when it comes to time and money.

Traditional meetings are paper-heavy affairs.

Print outs of agendas and supporting material quickly turn into mountains on your desk. It can get expensive with toners, and in many cases couriers. Not to mention the toll on our environment.

Prepping for meetings is time-consuming and stressful. Chasing staff for supporting documents can be challenging. Whether it’s tracking down submissions or manual approvals, that’s time that could have been spent on higher-value tasks.

Collating packages can also be a pain. And when you think you finally have your meeting package ready-to-go, a last-minute change could mean you’re back to square one.

This is where meeting management can help. More than just agendas, it’s an end-to-end solution that manages all critical functions before, during and after the meeting.

eSCRIBE is an award-winning provider of cloud meeting management and the go-to-choice for public sector boards and committees looking to increase efficiency, transparency and accessibility.

eSCRIBE saves hours of prep time per meeting, reduces human errors and escalations….and there’s no need to print, everything is electronic Participants have secure access to meetings anywhere, from any device.

eSCRIBE manages from roll call through adjournment, including conflicts, request to speak, electronic voting, and video streaming…all in one place.

When the meeting is over, eSCRIBE provides historical reports, one-click internet publishing, and an integrated action log. Follow-up has never been easier.

With eSCRIBE, users can easily manage mountains of information. It enables timely communication between staff and meeting participants to raise productivity.

It’s time to Evolve Your Meetings and embrace the benefits of eSCRIBE to improve the efficiency, transparency and accessibility of your meetings.