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Webinar: Improve Transparency Through Videos by Adopting the Right Technology

April 16, 2019,1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

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Technology is an Integral Part of Our Daily Lives

The public sector must meet growing demands from their stakeholders to improve accessibility and transparency as to how decisions are made behind closed doors. “Video” comes to mind as part of an answer. “Posting for public viewing” is the other part. As a result, some organizations may be using a solution offered by their local cable companies.

However, some cable companies are eliminating this service. Public sector organizations who made this move find themselves scrambling for alternatives. And for those who haven’t moved at all are at a critical stage where something needs to be done or they will fall even further behind their peers. 

Before taking the next step, it is wise to understand the different types of video streaming service available. Then determine how video and “internet publishing” could be the complete solution for your organization.

In this webinar we will cover: 

  • The current situation and trend of video and internet publishing, and how it impacts you
  • Understanding the 3 main types of video streaming
  • Deeper dive into dedicated video streaming, including content ownership, record keeping and use
  • Summary and Q&A
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