You’ve got a demanding board looking to improve communications and collaboration because they need to improve decision making. Then you’ve got an even more demanding public wanting to know what’s going on. Is there some software that answers these needs?

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And you’ve tried some meeting software, some of which was a joke with minimal capabilities, and other board software that was too complicated to work with. You discovered it’s all about fit and you need to prove to management that you have the right solution.

You need a board software solution that works for your company or government department.

Disruptive Changes Are Already Here

But let’s take a look at 6 important trends and technologies and how they will impact your board meetings and related costs in 2015. Let’s hope your meeting software has these benefits.

  1. Smartphones and Tablets: the prevalence of these devices means you need a meeting software solution that delivers a good experience for mobile users. The interface should be finger friendly, easy to navigate and offer easy online connectivity.
  2. SaaS and the Cloud:  Some organizations, usually smaller, are choosing online meeting services using a subscription payment option. This is SaaS, or software as a service and it’s usually hosted through a large network of computers for rent, called the “Cloud.” It can significantly lower your IT costs and let even the smallest company use powerful meeting features.
  3. Full Meeting Lifecycle Management: From setting your agenda to organizing attendees, allowing real time voting, publishing minutes, and administrators can let the software program do the work for them. That means nothing gets lost, missed, or is unprepared for.
  4. Online Collaboration: board members often need to discuss agenda items, news, or resolutions. Good software makes it easy to connect and share, and even take notes while meetings are in progress.
  5. Search Historical Meeting Agendas/Minutes: knowing what happened in the past is useful in making informed and more effective decisions. Attendees can quickly search for materials and information they need on a matter.
  6. Cost Reduction: Boards and companies discover a new infusion of cash that was previously spent on paper, copying machines, couriers, and other costs.

Meeting management solutions evolve and improve. Finding the right meeting management solution for your school board, corporate board or national sales meetings can make a big difference. If you’ve gone paperless yet, you can expect to see some big savings after the transition.

Our solution is built on Microsoft SharePoint platform which is the software that meeting management software is run on. Since security and uptime are so important today, Microsoft’s system offers you the peace of mind. It’s used in most enterprise systems today, but is versatile enough for medium-sized firms too. Many corporate IT departments are returning to SharePoint after using more hackable open source solutions.

We believe you’ll find eSCRIBE the best solution as an automated meeting planning and administration tool for your medium sized business or school board. We believe it’s the best board software on the market. And with our eSCRIBE online solution, there’s no excuse for not going paperless.

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