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Many hospitals and regional health authorities continue to rely on paper-based, manual processes to manage their board and committee meetings. As a board, your members want to continue to serve your stakeholders at the highest possible level. And shrinking budgets and resources means looking to technology to help streamline processes while reducing manual tasks. Additionally, providing leadership and oversight, across the numerous clinical and non-clinical departments and committees, requires a comprehensive solution capable of reporting to numerous internal and external stakeholders and other levels of government.

eSCRIBE boosts transparency, and staff efficiency by replacing paper-based, manual processes, with a modular end-to-end meeting management and workflow solution that complies with continually evolving information, privacy requirements.

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eSCRIBE is a comprehensive, end-to-end paperless meeting solution for:

• Executive Assistant to Board of Directors

• Staff

• Board Members

• Committee Administrators

• Internal and External Stakeholders

7 hours/meeting saved from preparation tasks

Meeting outcomes are documented based on templates within a trackable system

$36,800 in potential annual savings

100-150 trees saved over 5 years

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Board Efficiency

eSCRIBE can help your hospital board meet commitments in a transparent manner.

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