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Integrating with Council Room Infrastructure



The holistic approach for frictionless flow of information and workflows

For public sector organizations to realize the full potential benefits of their council room infrastructure, AV tools and meeting management processes must work together as a unified solution with information flowing frictionlessly across all stages of the meetings – from advance preparations to post-session publication.

Integration between the eSCRIBE meeting management platform and Televic Conference system enables a holistic approach that starts well before the actual meeting, coming together during the physical session to deliver a seamless experience for both in-room participants and virtual attendees.
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Pre-Meeting (eSCRIBE)

eSCRIBE streamlines the preparation of agendas, reports, resolutions as well as subsequent version tracking, approvals and revisions. Materials can be electronically distributed to participants in advance of the meeting through a secure, browser-based web interface or mobile app. Supporting information such as council member details and voting conflicts of interest can be prepared in advance, saving valuable time during the meeting.

During Meeting (eSCRIBE & Televic)

In the council room, eSCRIBE’s meeting management platform converges with Televic’s system to create superior user experiences for both participants and observers.

Televic ensures crystal-clear audio coverage at every seat, improving communication and the quality of recordings, while eSCRIBE helps conduct the session, from interactive roll call to easily capturing minutes.

Tight integration between the systems enhances and simplifies in-meeting activities including electronic voting, request-to-speak queues, public display and more.


Illustration of how eSCRIBE and Televic works together for electronic voting

Post Meeting (eSCRIBE)

eSCRIBE enables the meeting administrator to refine the minutes they captured, and to quickly publish the minutes, agenda and reports to the organization’s public website in accessibility compliant HTML or PDF formats. Indexed, recorded video can be linked to the agenda and minutes, while follow-up tasks from the meeting can be delegated and tracked within eSCRIBE.

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eSCRIBE and Televic Partnership

For more detail on how the combination of eSCRIBE and Televic solutions works at each stage of the meeting lifecycle, please see our in-depth white paper Full-Lifecycle Meeting Management Meets Advanced AV: An Integrated Approach to Council Room Infrastructure.