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For IT Professionals

Built on Azure. Compatible with Microsoft. And IT Lite.

eSCRIBE, a Microsoft partner, is the obvious choice for IT Directors and Managers.

eSCRIBE is an end-to-end meeting management solution designed to boost organizations’ efficiency. Built on Microsoft Azure, eSCRIBE addresses common considerations around data security, privacy protection, data ownership, legislation compliance and more.

“IT Lite” — We mean it!

eSCRIBE has been a Microsoft partner since 2003 and offers full compatibility with the Microsoft product suite. Our solution supports single sign-on and also offers SharePoint integration. Implementing a new eSCRIBE deployment is “IT-lite”, requiring only limited resources from your IT team. If your organization already uses Microsoft products, your staff will be on a roll with eSCRIBE in no time!

eSCRIBE & Azure, Better Together

Whether your meetings are in-person, remote or hybrid, eSCRIBE offers comprehensive tools and workflows to improve efficiency, transparency and accessibility before, during and after your meetings. The result is a seamless, stress-free experience for all your stakeholders: meeting owners/administrators, staff, report writers, elected officials, board members and of course, your department!

eSCRIBE runs on the reliable and trusted Microsoft Azure cloud platform, letting customers take advantage of the virtually unlimited flexibility and scalability of the cloud while simplifying software updates and freeing them from time-consuming maintenance of on-premises IT infrastructure.

Key benefits of eSCRIBE & Azure include:


  • Hardware server costs are eliminated and IT resources are freed
  • Unlimited data, backups, and other top-of-the-line Microsoft resources
  • Use only the space you need and scale to fit your growing or shrinking needs


  • Microsoft is the leader for customer advocacy and privacy protection
  • Regionalised data centers mean info resides in your country

Disaster Recovery

  • Natural disasters risks are avoided
  • Hardware and data redundancy built in!
  • Ability to work remotely with internet connection

Time Savings

  • Not affected by maintenance downtime, we take care of everything
  • Get up and running fast with easy deployment – no installation required

eSCRIBE & Remote Meetings

Remote meetings in general will be part of the new normal — whether as the default practices or as emergency contingencies. The ability to ensure your contributions to your meetings are unaffected by external circumstances must become a core capability of your organization’s technology, processes and planning.

While this may seem complex and IT-heavy, the good news is that it is not hard to achieve. eSCRIBE is ready to help you get ahead in planning for your new normal.

Your Objective

Here are the most common goals of our customers. What are you looking to do?


Better manage your organization's remote and/or hybrid meetings

Efficiency – resized

Raise your organization's overall meeting efficiencies quickly


Address accessibility requirements, such as WCAG 2.0 and more

Got more than one? Goal not listed? Not sure what you need? Reach out to us and we can help!

Daniel Drexler, Corporate Officer & IT Manager
eSCRIBE does a lot of R&D,compared to other companies. The SharePoint integration is fantastic! We’re seeing eSCRIBE as a central product that can do so much more for us than simply dealing with agendas, but also be very supportive in report creation process for all departments.
Diane Gregor, Applications Manager
eSCRIBE customers provided glowing references. Their reputation for support, responsiveness, and integrity really impressed us. We really liked how eSCRIBE offered a community forum for engaging with their customers and getting suggestions about enhancements. That was a good sign for the type of relationship we could expect.
Danielle Ross, Executive Assistant, Director’s Office
As an Executive Assistant, eSCRIBE has drastically reduced my workload—from reports to taking minutes and assigning tasks, the whole process has become more cost-effective and time-efficient.
Laurie Mason, Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer
Our meeting processes have been drastically transformed for the better, and we’ve been very impressed with the service eSCRIBE has provided. We’re looking forward to using more and more of the eSCRIBE features.
Holly Grant, Deputy Clerk

The eSCRIBE team was amazing,they were very supportive. They walked us through every step making sure that they were there to support us. Using eSCRIBE has saved us so much time on our agenda prep. It used to take us almost two days to do a full agenda now we’re down to approximately an hour.

Kim Courts, Deputy Clerk
If our CAO wants something changed or the contributor has their own update, I just work with the contributor, re-upload the report to eSCRIBE, and it’s done in five minutes. The page numbering and bookmarks are also automatically updated. I can’t imagine how we ever got by without eSCRIBE before.


eSCRIBE is priced based on the size of your organization, whether you purchase modules à-la-carte or our bundles. Our tiered pricing structure helps make comprehensive meeting management affordable even to smaller organizations.

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