A common challenge across all types of organizations, from the public to private sector corporations, is efficiently capturing minutes from meetings. The job can feel complicated, but it’s an essential task for conducting effective meetings. With the right tools and product capabilities, streamlining and automating the capture of minutes and actions is easier than ever.


The meeting cycle is a complex process, involving many people, managing and circulating documents requiring both collaboration and formal approvals, with the most challenging being the conducting of the meeting itself as this is a real-time function, not easily supported by many “Agenda” focused systems.

Minutes serve as the official record for the organization detailing what decisions were made, what actions must be taken, by who and by what time. With a lot of content to cover in a limited period of time, recording minutes and actions like attendance, pecuniary interests and voting as participants jump from item to item keeping up can be difficult. If important details are missed and not captured in the minutes – it might be said, but it never happened.

Streamline Minute Capturing with eSCRIBE’s New Features

Often, the information in minute documents is standardized, templated, and sometimes legislated so that standard terms and phrases are used. Having to type all this information for each resolution or motion can lead to an inefficient use of time. Instead of concentrating on typing and the process of minute taking, eSCRIBE is making minutes capturing easier with some newly added features to help users quickly and easily develop minute documents for more effective meetings.


Real Time Roll Call Pop Up

eSCRIBE Conduct Meeting - Roll Call Popup

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It’s necessary to know who is in attendance of your meetings. Especially, changes to attendance as a meeting progresses. To streamline the minute capturing process, the Real Time Roll Call function is ideal for tracking dynamic changes to the roll call (attendance). This feature is intended to be used with the standard Roll Call function, whereby the minute taker will kick off the meeting using the standard Roll call and then pop up the Real Time Roll Call window the capture any changes as the meeting progresses.


Minute & Motion (Resolution) Templates

Templates help improve the consistency and standardization of minutes documents. With eSCRIBE, users have the ability to pre-build all of their standard text phrases and use them in the minutes, reducing the amount of time it takes to minute capture and minimizing room for error. Creating and applying both Motion/Resolution and Minute templates within eSCRIBE will auto-populate the minutes or resolution field with standard pre-defined text.

eSCRIBE - Motion Templates

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eSCRIBE - Minutes Templates

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Smart Tags

Smart Tags are one of the newest features available for use with Minutes & Motion Templates allowing the user to focus on quick capture of the key details of the meeting, votes, resolution, and minute text, providing 100% flexibility in the formatting of minute information. Smart Tags act as place-holders for information being captured. The user can format the text of minutes or motions using SmartTags and eSCRIBE will automatically fill on the user’s behalf.