Whenever your business becomes too complex to handle, look to software automation to tame the beast. There are some great solutions. CityNext is that kind of solution.

US, Canadian, and Australian cities continue to grow and it’s making city manager’s jobs very tough. City managers and CEOs such as yourself are facing unprecedented challenges in operating their municipalities within budgets.

Information is power, and current administrative and analytics systems aren’t keeping up with changes in IT, social media, and big data. The solution is becoming apparent: a cloud-based, secure, software solution that gives city managers a dashboard view of operations and activity, and powers up a new level of service to citizens.

What is CityNext?

Microsoft saw this opportunity to help city governments deal with aging infrastructure, inefficient communications and IT systems, and the need for better civic services. They created CityNext—a solution for modern cities, that’s so all encompassing, that answering the question “What is CityNext?” isn’t easy.

“The CityNext system creates better awareness of events, traffic, and civic engagement to help city managers plan and execute better to optimize everything from civic meetings, tax collection, tourism optimization, to transportation planning, to social services.”

Aging Infrastructure & Low Tax Revenue: Big Trouble

microsoft-citynext-pdf-194x300Worldwide, it’s estimated that 350 trillion dollars will be spent on city infrastructure development. In the US and Canada, it could cost up to $1 billion in the next couple of decades. No one is certain where that money will come from. If this level of financing isn’t possible, we’ll need another solution for modernizing and managing our increasingly complex cities.

The need for data management, communications, and collaboration tools will be high in the coming decade. Even small cities will need cost efficient yet powerful civic management software suites. CityNext allows for the collection of new information and gives better processing of big data now available.

Software that Integrates

CityNext is a business process optimization solution that can help cities create a powerful, modern infrastructure and deliver better services. So far, it’s growing fast in adoption.

Changes in citzen’s expectations will force governments to evolve in how municipal services are delivered. The CityNext system creates better awareness of events, traffic, residential and business needs, and civic engagement to help city managers plan and execute better to optimize everything from civic meetings, tax collection to transportation to social services.

Inefficient government is costly. CityNext provides a visual dashboard for city managers to monitor and manage government services. There are so many benefits of Microsoft CityNext, we’re going to feature them in another post.

Who has an Extensive, Secure, Enterprise Level IT Platform? Microsoft

CityNext is a massive solution that takes advantage of the familiarity and security of Microsoft software, and brings it together under the Microsoft Cloud (Azure), SharePoint, MS SQL, and MS Office suite.

Besides being able to collect new information on activity in the city and processing it for useful insight, CityNext enables transparency, accountability and efficiency that are already being mandated by law.

As the complexity of government grows you have to wonder how civic managers will deal with it successfully without a service such as CityNext.

Still wondering whether to install software in-house or to adopt SaaS Solutions? You’ll need to speak with an expert about it because it all depends on your specific needs. SaaS is great but may not provide all the customized services and extensibility you need. If you have questions, please contact us.

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