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Time to Focus on the Benefits of Cloud Adoption

Not being able to plan for your company’s IT growth/migration to meet future needs is a serious problem. Decision day will inevitably arrive and hopefully, you’ll have prepared for it.

The Cloud is here now already. It offers some exciting features and benefits — too many to ignore. You’ll find choosing the right cloud is a key decision.

57% of Fortune 500 companies already use Azure –

SMBs Will Flood to the Cloud

In some cases, waves of new technology will make your own IT infrastructure so outdated that your business will become paralyzed and burdened by the costs associated with patching and hardware incapacity. In other cases, personnel changes will leave you with an old system and no one to manage it. The cloud can take that worry away.

The declining cost of cloud services, more Canadian-based vendors and increasing security could motivate more enterprises to migrate, … small and medium-sized businesses will drive cloud service adoption within Canada’s enterprise ecosystem. SMBs may be quicker to adopt the cloud as they have less IT staff and.. the cloud offers more.. benefits and lower cost

Small businesses from Los Angeles to New York to Vancouver to Toronto are outgrowing their current IT infrastructure. In some cases, their system is seriously outdated and that invites hacking risks along with serious downtime and errors. Rather than investing in tens of thousands of $$ in new hardware and software, smart managers are looking at outsourcing their IT infrastructure to the cloud.

See the eSCRIBE online meetings solution which uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud service. It is 100% configurable, has Social Media Integration, requires no onsite hardware, and of course, offers unlimited meetings, and Microsoft Office Integration. For city managers, check out CityNext which uses Azure.

Migration to the cloud is inevitable which is why it is the number one trend in IT in 2015. Major cloud players like Microsoft are dominating the market with their Azure cloud technology.

Open source providers may not have the same accent on security. Security is Microsoft’s strength. Today, the issue of hacking, holes, vulnerabilities, and software incompatibility are important matters. Then you have the comfort, cost and productivity benefits that Azure and SharePoint Server will give you.

It’s not always a lack of willingness, but rather technology barriers that prevent cloud adoption along with the uncertainty of what cloud services will do for a specific company.

How should IT Pros think differently about security for the cloud vs. security on prem.?

One of the things IT Pros should do, is utilise products like Microsoft Azure Cloud App Discovery to become aware of the use of cloud services within their organisation. — from the article: TechNet Talks: Mark Russinovich on Cloud Security and Ethical Hacking . – from the Microsoft Azure Case Study

The Microsoft cloud or Azure cloud is a scalable IT solution for growing businesses. The benefits are compelling: time saving, cost efficiencies, scalability, low downtime, less platform issues for your developers, and fewer headaches for IT managers.

No one in the cloud marketplace is offering anything like what Windows Azure offers in terms of agility, efficiency, and trustworthiness.
Steven Orenstein, Chief Executive Officer, Connect2Field

Let’s look at the top 7 benefits you’ll enjoy when you migrate your IT infrastructure to the Azure computing cloud:

  • Security: Microsoft designed Azure with security in mind. SharePoint server is considered the most secure platform helping you avoid the ravages of attacks by criminals and ensuring disruptions are kept to a minimum. Everyone can be more confident that hacking/data exposure law suits won’t be forthcoming.
  • Lower cost of IT services: Maximum efficiencies in hardware, bandwidth, and software can translate to thousands per month.
  • Scalability: No matter how fast your organization grows, your IT needs are covered and your own developers can focus on their software projects and not be hampered by hardware issues.
  • Computing Power: Applications and storage are taken care of by servers/services on the cloud and you can pay for what you use or need.
  • The Azure SDK: allows your developers to develop and store projects locally on their server, thus safely running and debugging applications.
  • Data Stored in the Cloud: Azure provides high availability and reliability with backup copies of your data, so you don’t have to worry about backing up data yourself.
  • SharePoint Server: You can deploy SharePoint Server on the Azure infrastructure as well as SQL and (Sharepoint Server Farm)

Find out more about Microsoft Azure pricing here and you can migrate your current system to Azure.
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