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A Modular Solution

Use what you need, and grow when you need more

eSCRIBE is 100% modular, giving you the flexibility you need to build your own solution tailored for your organization. Starting with Meeting Manager — our foundation module — you can choose which modules to add as you and your organization grow.

Meeting Manager

Agendas, minutes, and more

The core of eSCRIBE’s end-to-end meeting management solution, Meeting Manager optimizes the creation of agendas, minutes and action lists while providing a flexible platform for adding further eSCRIBE functionality. Meeting Manager streamlines and automates tasks before, during and after meetings, with unlimited customizable templates and user-configurable workflows letting you tailor the system to your organization’s unique needs. It also allows you to run real-time and remote meetings.

Key Features

  • Create and manage unlimited meeting templates and user groups
  • Robust end-to-end pre- and post-meeting management, and user-configurable workflow support
  • Fast Conduct Meeting mode to keep up with the flow of meetings
  • Live meeting support, including roll call, quorum and conflict management, electronic recording of votes and request-to-speak, and minute capture
  • Integrated Action Log for post-meeting follow-up and staff direction
  • Comprehensive Report Center for meeting and attendee statistics

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Participant Portal

Secure access for board and elected officials

The Participant Portal provides boards and elected officials with security-controlled access to meeting-related information. Available from anywhere on any device, the portal is accessible through web browsers or eSCRIBE’s iOS and Windows 10 mobile apps. Participants can browse upcoming meeting agendas and related reports; download materials for offline review; record comments, follow-up notes and tasks; search previous meetings and more.

Key Features

  • Join any meeting, from anywhere, with any device
  • View upcoming agendas and support materials in advance
  • Download meeting materials and work offline
  • Secure access to confidential meetings

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Citizen Engagement Modules

Internet Publishing Plus

Engage with your stakeholders and drive greater transparency

Helping drive greater transparency, the Internet Publishing Plus module enables organizations to easily engage stakeholders through their existing website. Its responsive, WCAG 2.0 compliant design fully supports evolving accessibility requirements while allowing content to be viewed optimally on any device. Content can be published with as little as one click, while integration with the optional Webcasting Lite/Plus/Managed and YouTube modules offers automated indexing and linking of video.

Key Features

  • Supports HTML and/or PDF publishing to website with links to individual supporting attachments
  • Supports one-click publishing of meeting agendas and minute packages
  • Flexible layout options including list
  • Can be added on top of Webcasting Lite/Plus/Managed or YouTube Integration module for automatic indexing and publishing of video/audio linked files for increased transparency

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Public Comments — NEW!

Allow the public to submit comments on agenda items

An add-on to the Internet Publishing Plus module, Public Comments allows organizations to receive and publish comments from citizens before, during and/or after meetings. Add another level of engaging your stakeholders.

Key Features

  • Meeting administrators can track and post citizen comments by agenda item
  • Configurable rules by meeting type
  • Optional review and approval
  • Comments can be retained as part of the public record or alternatively deleted after the meeting
  • Fully integrated with the meetings agenda, minutes and video through your existing website

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Delegation Request Management (DRM)

Manage citizen requests to speak during public meetings

An add-on to the Internet Publishing Plus module, Delegation Request Management (DRM) allows organizations to efficiently manage citizen requests to speak during public meetings through an online form on their existing website.

Key Features

  • Manage delegations’ deadlines by individual meeting type
  • Automated delegation request and approval
  • Customizable web form fields

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Report Manager

Manage templates, automated approvals and submission of reports and items

Report Manager provides comprehensive workflows and tools for the preparation, approval and submission of meeting-related reports and items. Easy deadline management and status tracking help reduce last-minute agenda changes, while version control and simultaneous multi-user document editing bolster collaboration. Template-based tools ensure consistency and compliance, while agenda item details, motions and minutes can be automatically populated.

Key Features

  • Collaboration support, including version control, simultaneous multi-user document editing
  • Managed user permissions for both public and private/in-camera items
  • Flexible, user-configurable approval workflows, such as late item and exception management, ad-hoc and delegate approvers
  • Automatic extraction of content to populate agenda items details, motions, and minutes
  • Comprehensive audit reports and workflow approval histories, including electronic signature options

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Webcasting Lite/Plus/Managed

Unlimited live and archival web streaming and content distribution for organizations of all sizes.

Bolster your organizations’ transparency initiatives while simplifying your web video workflows with eSCRIBE’s Webcasting solution. Webcasting provides an end-to-end solution for capturing live and archival video from your council or boardrooms and streaming it live online through your organization’s website with no programming required. Featuring unlimited storage and live and archived streaming of audio and video, Webcasting automatically records time-stamps to synchronize the media with the meeting’s agenda and minutes. Fully automated Closed Captioning is available as an option.

Key Features

  • Encoder management (start/stop/pause/splash screens) integrated with Meeting Manager (Plus and Managed)
  • Unlimited storage and streaming of audio or video content from meetings
  • Automatically detects device used to view the video stream, and loads a suitable video player
  • Allows for time-stamping of video to the meeting’s agenda items and minutes
  • Allows users to view entire meeting or jump to specific agenda item sections with a single tap
  • Access to reporting and metrics of viewership (number of viewers, etc.)
  • Video feed can be provided by any video capture source (single or multi-camera), even from the local cable company

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Video Manager & YouTube Streaming

Tagged video services with minimal configuration and cost

An entry-level alternative to eSCRIBE’s full-featured Webcasting Lite/Plus/Managed, the Video Manager & YouTube Streaming module allows organizations to leverage YouTube’s no-cost video storage and global content distribution with minimal configuration. Video can be automatically indexed with the meeting’s agenda and minutes, allowing viewers to jump to specific sections with a single tap.

Key Features

  • Allows for smart (hyper) tags of video to the meeting’s agenda items and minutes
  • Supports any device; Automatically detects the device being used to view the video stream, and loads a compatible video player
  • Supports unlimited viewers for both live stream and archival access
  • Allows users to view entire meeting or jump to specific agenda item sections with a single tap
  • Access to reporting and metrics of viewership (number of viewers, etc.)
  • Video feed can be provided by any video capture source, even from a local cable company

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Vote Manager & Request to Speak (RTS)

Rules-based electronic voting

Vote Manager & Request to Speak allows meeting participants to electronically vote on resolutions in real-time through their Participant Portal, iPad or Windows 10 tablet. Leveraging the enhanced Request to Speak add-on helps manage member debates in real-time during meetings. The module supports a wide range of vote types and is fully integrated with roll call, check-in/out, and pecuniary interest management. Vote results can be graphically displayed in-chamber and, when used with the Internet Publishing Plus module, published to the web.

Key Features

  • Supports multiple vote types: simple majority, majority present, weighted, two-thirds (present/members), 3/4 majority, unanimous, tie breaker, multiple choice, and secret ballot
  • Fully-integrated with roll call, check in/out, pecuniary interest, voting areas
  • Easily manage member debates with RTS
  • Graphical public display screens with configurable voting results details
  • Participants using the Meetings Pro App can offer to move or second motions

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Board Manager Lite & Board Manager Plus

Easily manage boards, members, vacancies and appointments online

Board Manager lets municipalities, school districts and all public sector entities easily manage and publish their boards’ and members’ details – in addition to managing vacancies, applications and appointments – through an intuitive, responsive interface.

Key Features

  • Easily track, manage and publish board and member data
  • Review, search and action items through a fully-responsive interface
  • Configurable email alerts and notifications sent automatically
  • Fully-responsive publishing screens integrate seamlessly with your existing website
  • Associates boards with eSCRIBE to fully manage meeting agendas, minutes and attendees

Upgrade to Board Manager Plus

In addition to all the features of Board Manager Lite, upgrading to Board Manager Plus takes it a step further and allows administrators to manage the vacancy process. Create, post, receive and manage applications for vacancies all through your existing website.

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