A Modular Solution

Use what you need, and grow when you need more

eSCRIBE is highly modular. You can mix and match features to build your own custom meeting management solution, or save money by taking advantage of one of our pre-configured meeting bundles designed to solve common pain points. Learn more below what each module does.

Meeting Manager

Agendas, minutes, and more

Meeting Manager facilitates the building of agendas, minutes, action lists, and provides a platform for adding additional eSCRIBE functionality.

Streamline and automate meeting preparation and post meeting activities. Conduct meetings; take roll-call and manage member conflicts, record motions and actions. And with the addition of eSCRIBE Meetings for the iPad or Windows 10 , your board can go totally paperless.

Key Features

  • Create and manage unlimited meeting templates and user groups
  • Robust end-to-end pre- and post-meeting management, and user-configurable workflow support
  • Live meeting support, including roll call, quorum and conflict management, electronic voting and request-to-speak, and minute capture
  • Integrated Action Log for post-meeting follow-up and staff direction
  • Comprehensive Report Center for meeting and attendee statistics

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Report Manager

Manage templates, automated approvals and submission of reports and items

Providing administrators and staff comprehensive management of all pre-meeting and post-meeting workflow activities, Report Manager revolves around the preparation and approval of reports and legislative items for submission to meetings. Easily manage submission deadlines and notifications to staff, reducing last minute changes to the agenda.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Word, administrators can easily standardize and maintain unlimited templates for bills, resolutions, and reports, ensuring compliance across the organization.

Key Features

  • Collaboration support, including version control, check in/out, simultaneous multi-user document editing
  • Managed user permissions for both public and private/in-camera items
  • Flexible, user-configurable approval workflows, such as late item and exception management, ad-hoc and delegate approvers
  • Automatic extraction of content to populate agenda items details, motions, minutes and custom fields
  • Comprehensive audit reports and workflow approval histories, including electronic signature options

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Participant Portal

Secure access for board and elected officials

Security-trimmed access for meeting participants to browse upcoming meeting agendas, access all related reports and supporting information, record personal comments, follow-up notes and tasks, access online resources, and search previous meetings.

Supports web browsers and eSCRIBE mobile apps for iOS, Windows 10, and Android.

Key Features

  • Join any meeting, from anywhere, with any device
  • View upcoming agendas and support materials in advance
  • Download meeting materials and work offline
  • Secure access to confidential meetings

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Vote Manager

Rules-based electronic voting

Vote Manager allows meeting participants to electronically vote on resolutions in real-time directly through their Participant Portal, iPad or Windows 10 tablet.

Vote Manager also provides an enhanced graphical interface for clear display of vote results to participants and public, both in chamber and through the web, with the addition of Internet Publishing+.

Key Features

  • Supports multiple vote types: simple majority, weighted, two-thirds (present/members), unanimous, tie breaker, multiple choice, and secret ballot
  • Fully-integrated with roll call, check in/out, pecuniary interest, voting areas
  • Graphical public display screens with configurable voting results details

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Video Manager

Automatically index video or audio with agenda and minutes

Video Manager provides automatic indexing of audio and video content with the meeting’s agenda and minutes for publishing to the web, for both live and archived viewing by stakeholders.

Key Features

  • Automatically indexes and records smart (hyper) tags of video with agenda item details during the meeting
  • Simple-to-use, post-meeting editing tools allow administrators to adjust tags prior to publishing
  • Allows users to view entire meeting or jump to specific agenda item sections with a single tap
  • Works with eSCRIBE’s unlimited Video Storage and Streaming Service, or optionally any third-party XML based video repository, including YouTube
  • Integrated publishing to the web when combined with Internet Publishing+

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Video Storage and Streaming Service

Unlimited live and archival web streaming and content distribution

A fully-managed, end-to-end unlimited storage and streaming solution and integrated encoder, provides everything you need to capture video from cameras located onsite in your council or boardrooms.

Bridge the gap between elected officials and stakeholders with live and archived video streaming of meetings through your existing website with the addition of Internet Publishing+ and Video Manager.

Optional closed captioning service. Cameras and installation sold separately.

Key Features

  • Unlimited storage and streaming of audio or video content from meetings
  • Automatically detects device used to view the video stream, and loads a suitable video player
  • Supports unlimited viewers for both live stream and archival access, which can be automatically indexed to the meeting’s agenda and minutes with the addition of Video Manager
  • Access to reporting and metrics of viewership (number of viewers, etc.)
  • Video feed can be provided by any video capture source, even from a cable company

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Internet Publishing+

Engage with your stakeholders and drive greater transparency

Internet Publishing+ has a fully-responsive WCAG2 design that allows organizations to easily engage stakeholders through their existing website, without programming and fully supports evolving accessibility requirements.

Easily search through historical and upcoming meetings, access agenda details, open and download attachments with a single click.

Key Features

  • Supports HTML and/or PDF publishing to website with links to individual supporting attachments
  • Supports one-click publishing of meeting agendas and minute packages
  • Flexible layout options including list and calendar views
  • Supports automated delegation request and approval
  • Can be integrated with Video Manager for automatic indexing and publishing of video/audio linked files for increased transparency

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YouTube Video Integration

Tagged video services with minimal configuration and cost

As an option to eSCRIBE’s dedicated Storage and Streaming Service, YouTube Video Integration allows organizations to leverage YouTube’s no-cost video storage and global content distribution with minimal configuration.

With the addition of Video Manager and Internet Publishing+, organizations can integrate the YouTube video feed with the meeting’s agenda and minutes, through their existing website with no programming required.

Optional closed captioning services available.

Key Features

  • Allows for smart (hyper) tags of video to the meeting’s agenda items and minutes
  • Supports any device; Automatically detects the device being used to view the video stream, and loads a compatible video player
  • Supports unlimited viewers for both live stream and archival access
  • Access to reporting and metrics of viewership (number of viewers, etc.)
  • Video feed can be provided by any video capture source, even from a local cable company

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Outlook (Add-in)

Schedule eSCRIBE meetings directly from your Outlook calendar

eSCRIBE’s add-in for Outlook provides meeting administrators the ability to create, edit and delete eSCRIBE meetings directly from their Outlook calendars. In addition to full calendar and meeting request management, the add-in allows administrators to access Outlook’s Scheduling Assistant to check participant availability, and the ability to include additional users from inside and outside the organization.

Key Features

  • Filtered attendee lists by administrator login
  • Creates new meetings, edits the details or deletes an existing eSCRIBE meeting
  • Accesses Outlook features including Scheduling Assistant and Meeting Request Notifications
  • Access to eSCRIBE meetings directly from Outlook Calendar

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