Replacing Your Meeting Management Vendor | eSCRIBE Meetings

Fallen out of love with your meeting management vendor?

Or worse, have they fallen out of love with you?

Why put up with a vendor that’s not focused on you or giving you what you paid for?

The ongoing pandemic continues to place new demands on your public meetings, while at the same time taking a toll on fiscal budgets and available resources, it can be extra frustrating to work with a vendor who isn’t pulling their weight.

If your current vendor often has service issues or their customer service is seriously lacking, now may be the best time for you to consider to switch to eSCRIBE.

“Why now?” You ask.

Because you need all the time and money savings you can get.

(And because, personally, we don’t want meeting management to get a bad rep.)

Why Switch?

Here are the most common reasons (in no particular order) we often hear from public sector organizations who aren’t happy with their current vendor. And these are just to start! Do any of these sound familiar to you?
Vendor is not 100% focused on meeting management
Vendor seems indifferent to your concerns or needs
Feels like still a lot of room for efficiency improvement
Decreasing level of support and account management
Different interfaces for agendas, minutes & conducting meetings
Software stability issues constantly arises
Complicated & time-consuming to design new templates
Still have to copy & paste info from agenda to agenda
Time-wasting reordering of agenda to add/remove items
Exporting agendas numerous times to create packet
Paying tier 1 pricing for tier 2 or tier 3 services
Annual price increase but lack of product improvement
Slow response to quotes or changes to your subscription
Every new feature is an add-on cost
Charging you for every small change requested


Whether your meetings are in-person, remote or hybrid, eSCRIBE offers comprehensive tools and workflows to improve efficiency, transparency and accessibility before, during and after your meetings. The result is a seamless, stress-free experience, while also giving you more time to focus on higher-value tasks and projects.

Besides relieving them of the pain listed above, here are the key reasons why we’ve been selected over other products by our customers.

100% Focused on Meeting Management

It is what we do and it is our ONLY business. You never have to worry about where you stand.

We address the entire meeting lifecycle – from pre-meeting preparations to post-meeting action items. By doing so, you save time from every satellite activity for each meeting.

Time that can be better spent on higher-valued tasks – like your citizens or supporting other departments in the battle against the pandemic.

Well-known for Phenomenal Customer Service

The personal touch starts from the beginning with our sales team, and you’ll have guidance and support from implementation, training through to when you’re handed over to your dedicated account manager.

Customer Feedback Is Integral to Our Product Development

We encourage customers to submit feature requests in the customer portal so that our product continues to be relevant to our customers. Given our sole business is the meeting lifecycle, all our R&D investment goes straight back into the product.

Customer Testimonial

Hear directly from one of our customers on how we’ve made their meetings easier after moving away from their previous vendor, and why eSCRIBE stands out from other competitive products.

We Are Migration Experts

The thought of change can be daunting. But switching meeting management platforms doesn’t have to be. We have experience migrating customers from various vendors, averaging at about 2 per month (on top of onboarding brand new customers) who have been using manual methods.

Sure Win. Every Time.

We have a tried-and-tested methodology for migrating from virtually any vendor.

Peer Support

We have a customer forum where you can find customers from the same ex-vendor as you to share experience and address concerns.

Hand Holding All. The. Way.

Our team will guide you through the entire process, you don’t need IT knowledge to implement eSCRIBE.

Additional Resources Available

Need extra help with change management? Upgrading AV equipment? We can put you in touch with our partners to help you along.

Key Financial Benefits

If you feel you are paying top tier pricing but only receiving second or even third tier services with limited product improvements, you should talk to us. It doesn’t hurt to know your options.

As one of our pandemic initiatives, we are offering to help you save up to 20% in recurring annual savings based off of your fees with your current vendor. 

Meeting Management Software Satisfaction Survey 2020

We conducted a survey in October last year with non-eSCRIBE users how they feel about the current vendor they are using. Unsurprisingly, many were not, quoting Poor Service or Support as the main reason. Price, only came in at third place.

There is no time to waste when it comes to improving efficiencies and saving money. And so we ask again… Why put up with a vendor that’s not focused on you or giving you what you pay for? It’s time to put your foot down.

Reach out to us for a non-commital discussion. We’d be happy to help. Or just even listen.



eSCRIBE is priced based on the size of your organization, whether you purchase modules à-la-carte or our bundles. Our tiered pricing structure helps make comprehensive meeting management affordable even to smaller organizations.
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Laurie Mason, Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer

Our meeting processes have been drastically transformed for the better, and we’ve been very impressed with the service eSCRIBE has provided. We’re looking forward to using more and more of the eSCRIBE features.

Holly Grant, Deputy Clerk
The eSCRIBE team was amazing,they were very supportive. They walked us through every step making sure that they were there to support us. Using eSCRIBE has saved us so much time on our agenda prep. It used to take us almost two days to do a full agenda now we’re down to approximately an hour.
Dorothy Shermer, Corporate Officer
We do some pretty strange things and have incredibly specific requirements. eSCRIBE does a great job of addressing them while most others won’t even understand what we’re going on about. I’m impressed and have been spreading the news among my peers, who know that I’m never easily impressed.
Joanne Hyde, Clerk
Being able to manage workflows for reports and ensuring the integrity of our approval processes have been paramount. eSCRIBE has saved us so much time that we’ve been able to focus on other aspects of the clerk’s office and take on other projects.
Danielle Ross, Executive Assistant, Director’s Office
As an Executive Assistant, eSCRIBE has drastically reduced my workload—from reports to taking minutes and assigning tasks, the whole process has become more cost-effective and time-efficient.
Danielle Manton, Manager of Election & Committees Services
It’s almost impossible to quantify the hours we spent preparing for meetings before eSCRIBE. Compiling reports took months, and building a meeting agenda was a two-day process for each committee. Now everything we need is up-to-date and securely available on any device, anywhere.
Donna Delvecchio, City Clerk
It can be hard to accept change. Our Legislative Assistant has been here for 30 years but has totally embraced eSCRIBE. To go through that big of a change and be totally on board is a testament to the solution. We don’t know what we would do without eSCRIBE.
Kim Courts, Deputy Clerk
If our CAO wants something changed or the contributor has their own update, I just work with the contributor, re-upload the report to eSCRIBE, and it’s done in five minutes. The page numbering and bookmarks are also automatically updated. I can’t imagine how we ever got by without eSCRIBE before.
Sheryl Exley, Legislative Officer
Residents have commented on social media how nice it is to view our videos anywhere from a tablet or smartphone. Being able to watch council meetings from home is remarkable. They also like being able to scroll through the agenda on the website and click an item to go directly to that part of the video.

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