As many as 220,000 patients in Canadian hospitals develop infections during a hospital stay with as many as 22 patients dying every day as a result. (Source: Globe and Mail – A New Era of Germ Warfare.)

Infection control is a huge issue for any hospital and hospitals are fighting back with updated facilities, new procedures and highly synchronized communication strategies.

Millions of Dollars to Deliver Better Healthcare

For one full service, 220 bed, community hospital, they had invested their budget of millions on a renovation that would see a complete modernization effort, enabling their healthcare teams and administrators to deliver better medicine.

The logistics to meet the renovation deadlines for this hospital were intense. Important meetings, multiple stakeholders and the many variables involved in the process, not to mention Murphy’s Law who shows up at the most inopportune time, was contributing to delays and cost over-runs for this community hospital Board of Directors.

Multiple tasks, conflicting mandates and overlapping schedules quickly forced the Board to find ways to stem the bleeding if they were to meet the critical goal of “on time and on budget”. If meetings were conducted the old way the prognosis was not good.

The board made a critical decision when the Executive Vice President said she needed to stop debating what was possible and start doing what was necessary.

eSCRIBE Meeting Management

Enter eSCRIBE with a prescription for efficiencies, economies of scale and a greener meeting management system than had ever been deployed before.

Because government agencies, hospital management, architects, construction companies, technical and clinical staff and unions all required access to information at different security levels, they all had a part to play in the streamlined project management schedule. eSCRIBE integrated with the hospital’s existing SharePoint system making it simple to deploy.

Eliminating Paper, Reducing Administration, Remaining Connected

First responders to this emergency were the administration staff who gladly did away with printed material, chasing down stakeholders and adding last minute agenda changes. Change almost always produces anxiety however, but thankfully rising blood pressure quickly stabilized after the team at eSCRIBE trained staff who immediately saw the value in meeting automation.

eSCRIBE for Long Term Care

But more than helping to manage the process during the extensive renovation effort, eSCRIBE has now become the centralized meeting and agenda hub across the institution. Today, over 20 departments are using eSCRIBE for their meeting facilitation and reaping the rewards of cost savings and efficiencies.

An example in their synchronized communication occurred when they experienced an outbreak of infectious disease. Within a 24 hours period, meetings were required with government officials, clinical staff, media, unions, and patient advocacy, all with differently levels of access to secure data.  Because eSCRIBE share and stores data, they efficiently delivered the proper medical response, media release customer service to patients’ group and assurance to union.  Before eSCRIBE, this process would have taken days, a lifetime in public relations.  Holding emergency meetings is one thing, being well informed and armed with facts to make the right prognosis quite another.

Working with scarce healthcare dollars in a world of constant change is a day-in-the-life of the healthcare sector.  Thanks to eSCRIBE, this hospital’s surgical precision when it comes to communication and meeting flow, delivers excellent care, on time and on budget.

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