Cloud-Based Meeting Solutions

Modernize Your Meetings

eSCRIBE is a leading provider of cloud-based meeting management solutions, popular with public and private sector boards, committees and councils. More than just creating automated agendas or acting as a record management system, eSCRIBE covers end-to-end of each meeting lifecycle.

Compliant with accessibility requirements, such as AODA, WCAG2, eSCRIBE aims to improve efficiency, transparency and resource allocation, so users can focus on other higher-value tasks and projects to better serve their stakeholders.

Complete Meeting Management Software

Full Meeting Lifecycle Diagram

Choosing eSCRIBE for Your Meeting Management

A Microsoft Partner

Silver Microsoft Partner Logo - BlackeSCRIBE solutions integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office, Office 365, and other Microsoft products, making user adoption a breeze. We also have apps for tablets and smartphones running on iOS or Android, so you can have secure, real-time access to any authorized eSCRIBE meeting portals anywhere, anytime.

A comprehensive, end-to-end solution – it’s meetings, evolved.


Deployment is Easy

We understand that deploying full-blown meeting management solutions can be a time-consuming and costly undertaking. That’s why eSCRIBE is available globally on the Microsoft Azure cloud, making it easy to get started today with no significant upfront investment.

Make It Your Own

eSCRIBE is highly modular, so you can mix and match features to build your own custom meeting management solution. You can also take advantage of our pre-configured bundles designed to solve common pain points.


How Our Cloud-Based Meeting Software Helps!


“Before eSCRIBE it would take countless hours and running around following up on late reports and tasks to finalize the agenda.”

Internal Staff

“It used to take me much longer and cause a lot more headaches to write all of  my reports for meetings. Collaborating and getting approvals is now easier then ever.”

Meeting Participants

“Using my mobile device to vote and make personal notations means I can be better prepared for meetings and have everything I need to serve my constituents.”

Public, Media, Guests

“Having everything available in an easily accessible format makes it simple to participate and stay informed in my community.”

Use Cases


“eSCRIBE has enabled the City of Kelowna to continue its mandate of environmental responsibility and sustainability as we are continually striving to minimize the amount of paper documents generated on a daily basis.”

Karen Needham
Deputy City Clerk
Corporate & Protective Services
City of Kelowna


“As the first hospital to implement eSCRIBE, we had a number of different needs. The technical staff at eSCRIBE provided outstanding support, not just in tackling our mission critical needs, but also incorporating a number of our wish-list suggestions into the system.”

Jenn Mattice
Executive Administrative Assistant
Glengarry Memorial Hospital


“eSCRIBE catapulted us into the 21st Century! We have stopped producing paper copies for Administrative and Academic Council meetings and reduced the number of printed Board agendas and reports. The whole process has become more cost effective and time efficient.”

Danielle Ross
Executive Assistant to the Director of Education
Halton Catholic School District School Board