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An End-to-End, Cloud-Based Platform

Making meeting management painless

The eSCRIBE meeting management platform helps public and private sector boards, committees and councils of all sizes improve their efficiency and increase stakeholder engagement while boosting transparency and complying with evolving accessibility standards.

Managing meetings is time-consuming, labour-intensive and often frustrating. Common pain points:

  • Paper-based, largely manual processes
  • Limited tracking visibility and deadline management
  • Many person-hours of time consumed for each meeting
  • Disjointed before-, during- and after-meeting tasks
  • Few or no tools to support collaboration or remote access
  • Heavy resource drain to support aging in-house infrastructure
  • “Agenda Day” stress on your staff
  • Accessibility and transparency challenges
The eSCRIBE platform is designed to alleviate or eradicate all of these pain points and more, making your job easier while meeting your organization’s goals.
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Complete Meeting Management Platform

Full Meeting Lifecycle Diagram
Meetings are made of many moving parts, from scheduling, preparing agendas and compiling to conducting the meeting and post-meeting follow-up tasks. You may already be leveraging technology to help you with individual meeting tasks – using “point solutions” – but will find that  optimization has yet to be achieved when it comes to efficient meetings. As the saying goes, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In order to truly streamline your meetings and achieve efficiency, you must look at the entire meeting lifecycle holistically as one entity rather than as separate parts. The eSCRIBE meeting management platform does exactly that.

Want to see how our solution addresses each aspect of the meeting lifecycle?

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Embracing the Cloud

eSCRIBE runs on the reliable and trusted Microsoft Azure cloud platform, letting customers take advantage of the virtually unlimited flexibility and scalability of the cloud while simplifying software updates and freeing them from time-consuming maintenance of on-premises IT infrastructure. Benefits of being on the Cloud include:


  • Hardware server costs are eliminated and IT resources are freed
  • Unlimited data, backups, and other top-of-the-line Microsoft resources
  • Use only the space you need and scale to fit your growing or shrinking needs


  • Microsoft is the leader for customer advocacy and privacy protection
  • Regionalised data centers mean info resides in your country

Disaster Recovery

  • Natural disasters risks are avoided
  • Hardware and data redundancy built in!
  • Ability to work remotely with internet connection

Time Saver

  • Not affected by maintenance downtime, we take care of everything
  • Get up and running fast with easy deployment – no installation required

Learn more about eSCRIBE and the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Better Together.

eSCRIBE Bundles

Compliance with the latest accessibility regulations, raising transparency and improving efficiency are key initiatives for almost every organization. To help you get started quickly, we’ve created convenient bundles of the most important modules for addressing each of those demands. You can pick a bundle to start off with, and then add further modules to achieve additional goals.

Efficiency Bundle

Accessibility Bundle

Transparency Bundle

eSCRIBE Modules

eSCRIBE is 100% modular, giving you the flexibility you need to build your own solution à la carte tailored for your organization. Starting with Meeting Manager – our foundation module – you can choose which modules to add as you and your organization grow.
Meeting Manager

Optimizes the creation of agendas, minutes and action lists while providing a flexible platform for adding further eSCRIBE functionality. Read More.

Report Manager

Provides comprehensive workflows and tools for the preparation, approval and submission of meeting-related reports and items. Read More.

Participant Portal

Provides boards and elected officials with security-controlled access to meeting-related information. Read More.

Vote Manager & Request to Speak (RTS)

Allows meeting participants to electronically vote on resolutions in real-time. Read More.

Board Manager

Easily manage boards, member vacancies and applications, and more! All in one convenient location. Upgrade to Plus to associate your boards with its meetings. Read More.

Internet Publishing Plus

Allows organizations to easily engage stakeholders through their existing website. Read More.

Public Comments

Receive and publish comments from citizens before, during and/or after meetings. Read More.

Delegation Request Management (DRM)

Manage citizens requests to speak during public meetings. Read More.

Webcasting Lite/Plus/Managed

Offers unlimited live and archival web streaming and content distribution with advanced streaming functionality. Read More.

Video Manager and YouTube Streaming

Allows organizations to leverage YouTube’s no-cost video storage and global content distribution with minimal configuration. Alternative to Webcasting Plus. Read More.


Our tiered pricing structure helps make comprehensive meeting management affordable even to smaller organizations.

The eSCRIBE solution is priced based on the size of your organization, whether you purchase modules a-la-carte or our bundles. If you are a smaller organization, ask about Buying Group offers that you may be able to take advantage of.

Get in touch with us for a pricing estimate, or if you’re not ready for a quote yet, ask for more information or sign up for one of our Overview Webinars.

What’s In It for You?

  • Everything in one place – streamlined, integrated and worry-free!
  • Save money and time for higher-valued tasks and initiatives
  • Comply with accessibility legislation and transparency mandates
  • Improved collaboration and communication throughout the organization
  • Enhanced tracking visibility and better deadline management
  • End-to-end solution benefits all groups & stakeholders

Don’t just take our word for it – read what some of our customers have said about their success with eSCRIBE!