An End-to-End, Cloud-Based Platform

Making meeting management painless

The eSCRIBE meeting management platform helps public and private sector boards, committees and councils of all sizes improve their efficiency and increase stakeholder engagement while boosting transparency and complying with evolving accessibility standards.

Managing meetings is time-consuming, labour-intensive and often frustrating. Common pain points:

  • Paper-based, largely manual processes
  • Limited tracking visibility and deadline management
  • Many person-hours of time consumed for each meeting
  • Disjointed before-, during- and after-meeting tasks
  • Few or no tools to support collaboration or remote access
  • Heavy resource drain to support aging in-house infrastructure
  • “Agenda Day” stress on your staff
  • Accessibility and transparency challenges
The eSCRIBE platform is designed to alleviate or eradicate all of these pain points and more, making your job easier while meeting your organization’s goals.
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