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For Staff & Meeting Contributors

Tools and workflows to help you deliver meeting items on time and reduce your stress.

eSCRIBE is the go-to-choice of writers and approvers of reports for their organizations’ meetings, and other staff who support their meeting administrators and managers.

Whether your meetings are in-person, remote or hybrid, eSCRIBE offers comprehensive tools and workflows to improve efficiency before, during and after your meetings. The result is a seamless, stress-free experience, making it a breeze to work through your to-do list for the various meetings you contribute to and support.

“Work smarter, not harder.”

Meet your new motto with eSCRIBE.

Benefits of eSCRIBE

eSCRIBE meeting management helps you easily contribute to multiple meeting groups by giving you full visibility of requirements, deadlines, and status updates.

Together with tools such as standardized templates, version control, item reminders, follow up action-item lists and more, we help you accomplish your “to-dos” in a timely fashion.

See how eSCRIBE can help you change your approach below!

Before Meeting

QWithout eSCRIBE

  • Challenging to track and contribute to multiple meeting types (council, committee, etc.)
  • Lack of standardized workflows and document templates
  • Collaboration difficulties including version control challenges
  • Must manually track deadlines for approving meeting-related item submissions


  • Easily access consistent templates for various meeting artefacts
  • Standardized workflows and templates with version control for better collaboration
  • Automated reminders of upcoming deadlines help avoid late submissions
  • Save hours – even days – per meeting off preparation tasks while reducing human errors

During Meeting

QWithout eSCRIBE

  • Standard meeting processes like roll call are repetitive and time consuming
  • Voting is time-consuming and error-prone
  • Challenging to keep track of internal and public notes for agenda items


  • Quicker meeting proceedings
  • Voting process is quick and less prone to human errors
  • Secure access for participants to confidential meetings from anywhere, on any device

After Meeting

QWithout eSCRIBE

  • Dependency on reaching out to meeting managers/owners for follow-up action item list and deadlines


  • Minutes are quickly available
  • Integrated action log for follow up
  • Centralized meeting & user reports

And More

QWithout eSCRIBE

  • Extensive manual effort to ensure meeting information can be universally accessed for compliance with regulatory requirements


  • Compliant with legislative requirements such as American Disabilities Act, Canadian Disabilities Act, WCAG 2.0

eSCRIBE & Remote Meetings

Remote meetings in general will be part of the new normal — whether as the default practices or as emergency contingencies. The ability to ensure your contributions to your meetings are unaffected by external circumstances must become a core capability of your organization’s technology, processes and planning.

While this may seem complex and IT-heavy, the good news is that it is not hard to achieve. eSCRIBE is ready to help you get ahead in planning for your new normal.

Your Objective

Here are the most common objectives of our customers. What are you looking to do?


Manage templates and submissions of meeting-related items

Efficiency – resized

Raise your organization's overall meeting efficiencies quickly

mobile manager apple app

Manage approvals on-the-go from any smartphone or tablet

Got more than one? Goal not listed? Not sure what you need? Reach out to us and we can help!

Danielle Manton, Manager of Election & Committees Services
Report authors can go to the monthly training sessions that are run by each Standing Committee Clerk, who quickly became experts in the system. eSCRIBE listens to the customer. Change is always challenging, and at times we dug in our heels requesting more, eSCRIBE always delivered. They were clear, honest and professional.
Kim Courts, Deputy Clerk
If our CAO wants something changed or the contributor has their own update, I just work with the contributor, re-upload the report to eSCRIBE, and it’s done in five minutes. The page numbering and bookmarks are also automatically updated. I can’t imagine how we ever got by without eSCRIBE before.
Danielle Ross, Executive Assistant, Director’s Office
As an Executive Assistant, eSCRIBE has drastically reduced my workload—from reports to taking minutes and assigning tasks, the whole process has become more cost-effective and time-efficient.
Laurie Mason, Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer
Our meeting processes have been drastically transformed for the better, and we’ve been very impressed with the service eSCRIBE has provided. We’re looking forward to using more and more of the eSCRIBE features.
Joanne Hyde, Clerk

Being able to manage workflows for reports and ensuring the integrity of our approval processes have been paramount. eSCRIBE has saved us so much time that we’ve been able to focus on other aspects of the clerk’s office and take on other projects.

Holly Grant, Deputy Clerk

The eSCRIBE team was amazing,they were very supportive. They walked us through every step making sure that they were there to support us. Using eSCRIBE has saved us so much time on our agenda prep. It used to take us almost two days to do a full agenda now we’re down to approximately an hour.

Dorothy Shermer, Corporate Officer
We do some pretty strange things and have incredibly specific requirements. eSCRIBE does a great job of addressing them while most others won’t even understand what we’re going on about. I’m impressed and have been spreading the news among my peers, who know that I’m never easily impressed.


eSCRIBE is priced based on the size of your organization, whether you purchase modules à-la-carte or our bundles. Our tiered pricing structure helps make comprehensive meeting management affordable even to smaller organizations.

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