Drive Accountability and Demonstrate Openness to Stakeholders

In an increasingly digital world, stakeholders of governing bodies are demanding more information on how officials conduct public business and spend taxpayers’ money, in real-time, 24/7. With eSCRIBE’s Transparency Bundle, you can reach new heights of proactive disclosure for your board or council, and lead the way for open and transparent government throughout the meeting lifecycle.

Key Benefits

Transparency Bundle IconSave Money
$36,800 in potential annual savings

Improved Accessibility
Share information transparently with all internal and external stakeholders

Save Time
7 person hours/meeting saved from meeting preparation tasks
Access anywhere through mobile devices

100-150 trees saved over 5-years

Key Features

  • Live meeting support: roll call, electronic voting and request-to-speak, and minute capture, etc
  • One click publishing of smart (hyper) tagged video indexed with accessible HTML (WCAG 2.0) and/or PDF (UA) content through your organizations website with no programming required
  • Unlimited storage and streaming of audio/video content from meetings
  • Single tap to view entire meeting or jump to specific agenda items
  • Access to reporting and metrics of viewership (number of viewers, etc.)

Modules Included

Meeting Manager | Report Manager | Participant Portal | Webcasting Plus | Internet Publishing+

Get In Touch for More Information
eSCRIBE understands every organization is different. Get in touch for a free-of-charge ROI assessment to help quantify the specific benefits your organization can gain with this bundle.

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