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Transparency Bundle Overview


Video streaming is becoming essential in helping public sector organizations improve the transparency of their meetings. But selecting which streaming service to use can be challenging, with dozens of providers and solutions from “free to fee” to choose from.

Which features are most relevant to your needs? How much in-house technical expertise is needed? And how do you keep control of your digital rights?

eSCRIBE understands these challenges, and offers the tools to enable true transparency through video streaming as part of an overall meeting management solution.

Our turnkey transparency bundle eliminates the guess work, providing a fully managed service with everything you’ll need to get up and running quickly. eSCRIBE makes it easy for your viewers to follow along in real time or after the meeting, automatically indexing video with the proceedings for watching on any device.
Fully-responsive, “one click” publishing to your website makes the videos available quickly and easily, while optional, automated, real-time closed-captioning lets you stay on top of evolving accessibility legislation.

To learn how you can achieve new heights of transparency with video streaming, sign up for one of our upcoming webinars or download our streaming white paper today!