Webcasting Lite, Plus or Managed

Which one is right for you?

Unlimited live and archival web streaming and content distribution. 

One size doesn’t fit all, that’s why we’ve got end-to-end Webcasting solutions for cities, towns, county governments and school districts of all sizes. Capture video from onsite cameras in your council or boardroom and stream it live and archived through your organizations existing website to exceed transparency requirements.

Starting at only $6,450. Set up and camera fees apply.

Webcasting Lite

Webcasting Lite provides a simple and cost-effective web streaming experience to capture real-time and archival video from your council or boardrooms and streaming it live online through your website. Includes preconfigured IP camera to get you up and running quickly.

Key Features:

  • Full featured IP camera included (plug & play)
  • No on-site encoder hardware required
  • Minimal technical footprint
  • Affordable turnkey solution for smaller organizations looking to get started or moving up from YouTube to a dedicated webcasting solution
  • Fully automated Closed Captioning service available (additional charges apply)

Webcasting Plus

Webcasting Plus provides an end-to-end solution for capturing multi-camera real-time and archival video from your council or boardrooms and streaming it live online through your website with no programming required.

Key Features:

  • Automatically detects and loads a suitable video player for viewers
  • Video is automatically bookmarked as administrator takes minutes during the meeting
  • Allows users to view entire meeting or jump to specific agenda item sections with a single tap 
  • Pixel Sensing – automatically switches the webcast feed between in-room presentations and speakers for custom look
  • Customizable splash screens
  • Access to reporting and metrics of performance and viewership
  • Video feed can be provided by any video capture source (camera), even from the local cable company’s feed
  • Fully automated Closed Captioning service available (additional charges apply)

Webcasting Managed

With Webcasting Managed, enjoy all the features of Webcasting Plus, without the need to manage any of the video or onsite camera functions during the meeting.

Key Features:

  • AV audit — have an expert to ensure that you have the optimal setup with your pre-existing AV configuration and available bandwidth, or we can provide a turnkey solution with everything needed
  • It’s hands free — along with streaming and capturing your meeting real-time, we will manage the video production for your meetings
  • Remote video switching and camera system management
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Fully automated Closed Captioning service available (additional charges apply)

All Webcasting Solutions Feature:

Unlimited Usage
There is no limit to the number of meetings you can have — everyday if you like

Unlimited Viewership
Whether it is archived or live events, there is no limit to the number of people or times the content can be viewed

Unlimited Storage
Don’t worry about going over limit on your archived data and enjoy unlimited and worry-free storage

Editing and Indexing
Indexes can easily be applied and edited directly through the web interface. When combined with eSCRIBE Meeting Manager tags are automatically inserted into the appropriate agenda/minute items when published on the website. Click to learn more about Meeting Manager

Quality Assurance and Monitoring
eSCRIBE provides monitoring and quality assurance of all live streams

Closed Captioning (optional)
As an optional add-on, automated closed captioning is offered as a fully integrated option for Webcasting, bolstering your accessibility.

Key Features:

  • 94% + accuracy
  • Screen reader compatible
  • Text embedded into media player or available via iFrame
  • No hardware required
  • Transcripts provided
  • Compliant with requirements (ADA, AODA and WCAG 2.0)
  • Available in English, French and Spanish

All eSCRIBE infrastructure and services are built with security in mind, from the ground-up, protecting your data from threats.

Webcasting Features

Unlimited Viewershipcheckmark imagecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Unlimited Meetings (Storage)checkmark imagecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Optional Closed Captioningcheckmark imagecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Supported on all devices and OScheckmark imagecheckmark imagecheckmark image
99.9% Server Uptimecheckmark imagecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Integration with Meeting Managementcheckmark imagecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Ability to add indexingcheckmark imagecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Supports Migrated Archival Contentcheckmark imagecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Advanced Reporting/Statistics of Viewershipcheckmark imagecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Integrates with any Existing AVcheckmark imagecheckmark image
Local Recording Back-upcheckmark imagecheckmark image
In-Camera Modecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Audio Correctioncheckmark imagecheckmark image
Adaptive Bitratecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Remote Troubleshooting/Supportcheckmark imagecheckmark image
Offline notificationcheckmark imagecheckmark image
Presentation Integrationcheckmark imagecheckmark image
New Feature updates included in Servicecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Encoder Included in Servicecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Full Featured On-Site Digital Encodercheckmark imagecheckmark image
Encoder Replacements included in Servicecheckmark imagecheckmark image
Integrated and Customizable Splash Screenscheckmark imagecheckmark image
Full Feature IP Cameracheckmark image
Hands Free Streamingcheckmark image
Remote Video Switchingcheckmark image
Automated Indexingcheckmark image
Real-time Performance Monitoringcheckmark image