Webcasting Plus Module — New Enhancements!

Unlimited live and archival web streaming and content distribution

A fully-managed, end-to-end unlimited storage and streaming solution and integrated encoder, eSCRIBE’s Webcasting Plus (formerly known as Video Manager & Dedicated Storage and Streaming) module provides everything you need to capture video from cameras located onsite in your council or boardrooms. Storage-Streaming-Module

Key Features

  • Unlimited storage and streaming of audio or video content from meetings
  • Automatically detects device used to view the video stream, and loads a suitable video player
  • Allows for smart (hyper) tagging of video to the meeting’s agenda items and minutes
  • Allows users to view entire meeting or jump to specific agenda item sections with a single tap
  • Access to reporting and metrics of viewership (number of viewers, etc.)
  • Video feed can be provided by any video capture source, even from a cable company

[New!] A more user-friendly video experience for constituents and stakeholders with enhanced controls and options

To further challenge common perception that video streaming meetings is cumbersome, and requires strong technical knowledge and IT support, we have launched game-changing enhancements to our Webcasting Plus module! Based on customer feedback and as a result of extensive analysis, organizations will find the enhanced features closely aligns with their needs, and further sets us apart from the competition, including social media offerings. Enhancements to meeting-related video streaming tasks range from setup, to conducting meeting, to post meeting, an advancement of the entire meeting lifecycle:

Stress-free Streaming and Recording With one-click streaming and recording, meeting administrators can have full control of what is being streamed and recorded right from their seats. They can also monitor video encoder and microphone status directly on their screens. Freed from dealing with hardware equipment, they can focus on running the meeting.

Closed Session? Unexpected Event? Use a Splash Screen! The addition of the Splash Screen feature allows smooth transitioning between breaks, whether scheduled or due to unexpected events. Multiple splash screen options can be uploaded in advance, which can be quickly and appropriately applied for different scenarios.

Real-time Auto Closed Captioning (CC) for Both Live & Archived Meetings Meet accessibility mandates with our real-time auto CC. Unlike other service providers, eSCRIBE’s CC is built-in and require no additional effort from you to engage all stakeholder groups for your meetings.

Video Linked to Agenda Items & Minutes Bookmarks of video are automatically captured during the meeting according to the agenda. You can adjust the timestamps for publishing. Viewers can access the video through your public website with no programming required, and can choose to view the entire video or watch only a specific agenda item, significantly improving the viewer experience and satisfaction.

With these new enhancements, the approach to video streaming is changed: You don’t need complicated video switchers, or be an IT and audio visual specialist to incorporate it! Raise the bar when it comes to your public meetings for better transparency to your stakeholders! Learn more about Webcasting Plus module.

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