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Why Choose eSCRIBE?

Individual ‘point solutions’ may improve specific facets of the meeting lifecycle, but true efficiency can only be achieved when all aspects of meeting management work seamlessly together in a unified workflow backed by an exceptional customer experience.

Here are just a few of the ways that eSCRIBE is different from other vendors and platforms.

The eSCRIBE Experience

Our customer experience is second to none. Customer service doesn’t just mean technical support; we’re dedicated to taking care of our customers every step of the way. From pre-sales to implementation, training and post go-live support, you’re assigned a dedicated team member to help you through in a timely manner. Our Customer Community Portal lets users share knowledge in our forums, submit support tickets, make feature requests and access our resource library. Help is always there.

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End-to-End Solution: Connecting the Dots

No one should work in silos, and neither should meeting tasks. Each step of the meeting lifecycle is tightly intertwined with one another. By connecting the dots, streamlining your processes and breaking down workflow barriers, you can save yourself time and your organization money.


Our mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices enable secure, real-time access to authorized eSCRIBE meeting portals from tablets and smartphones anywhere, anytime. Beyond improving convenience for your board members and staff, mobile access can speed your processes and remove obstacles from your workflows by letting users take action even when they can’t get to a computer.

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Modular & Customizable

We understand that each organization is unique, with different requirements. The eSCRIBE platform is a modular solution, with each module designed to handle specific tasks. You can mix and match modules to build your own custom solution tailored to your needs.  With eSCRIBE, we have all the tools you need, when you need them, with no compatibility headaches.

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Resource-Friendly Deployment

Implementing a major business solution can seem daunting, especially when it involves new technology. eSCRIBE makes deploying our solutions extremely light on your IT staff and resources. Even if you don’t have your own IT team, our optional professional services make it easy for you. All we need is a project lead on your end to help smooth the way – we will do all the heavy lifting and IT work.

Strong Focus on R&D

The last thing you want is a complacent business partner who doesn’t keep up with the world out there. eSCRIBE is dedicated to ongoing innovation and R&D to ensure we grow with our customers. We also listen to our closely to customers and involve them during product development and testing, ensuring that our roadmap and vision align with your goals.

This is part of the eSCRIBE experience.

Best-of-Breed Partnerships

No company can be an island in today’s collaborative and rapidly-evolving software landscape. We partner with other industry leaders to integrate seamlessly with their solutions and add value for their customers and ours. Our world-class partners include Microsoft, Laserfiche, eSolutions, FileHold, iSi Live, Notarius and more.

Enterprise-Level Third-Party Integration

Even a solution as comprehensive as the eSCRIBE platform is still part of a bigger picture. eSCRIBE integrates tightly with other leading enterprise-class solutions to support functionality outside of our specialties and protect your existing third-party software investments. We also integrate with authentication systems such as Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS), enabling seamless user experiences while meeting your corporate standards for security.

Built on Microsoft Azure – Reliable and Trusted Cloud Platform

eSCRIBE runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud and integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and other Microsoft products, making user adoption a breeze. Azure is fully compliant with local data privacy and sovereignty requirements, and ideal for highly-regulated industries. Azure also proudly delivers a 99.95% monthly SLA. You can trust that everything Azure offers is backed by industry certifications for security and compliance.

Learn more about how eSCRIBE and Microsoft works together here.

Customer Community Portal (CCP)

Besides being readily available to help, to further empower our customers to do more, we also provide a platform for our customers to submit and track support tickets, as well as a forum to communicate and share ideas with each other (and with us).

Staying up-to-date with our latest announcements, such as product releases, is made extra easy.

eSCRIBE customers can access our support in three ways:


Some features of CCP include:

  • Submit and track support tickets – Easily find the status of your support ticket and add additional information as necessary
  • Access Knowledge Base – a library of user reference, manuals and help guides
  • FAQ section – “How-to” guides and technical trouble shooting assistance
  • Customer forum – Chat with other eSCRIBE customer and learn from each other
  • Feature requests – Submit ideas to eSCRIBE and vote/comment on proposed features from other users!
  • Latest announcements – including product release notes, promotions, company updates

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