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Analyze your needs

Tailored to show the here’s-how-YOU-would-use-it situation to give you an accurate sense of whether we are the right fit for your needs, we will have a quick call with you in advance to determine what to show you to make best use of your time.

Demo in action

Once we’ve determined where your needs and pains are, we will schedule a time to show you (and your team) a personalized, in-depth demo of our product.

Self-Learning Resource

If you’re in the early stages of evaluating what you need, and don’t want a 1:1 demo or discussion yet, we highly recommend you signing up for one of our overview webinars. We will introduce the basics of meeting management and eSCRIBE, plus a high-level overview of what our product looks like.

Our goal is to help public sector organizations improve accessibility, efficiency, and transparency.

Ready to discover the possibilities of meeting management? Request a demo or a consultation with one of our meeting experts today!

What You Get with eSCRIBE

More than just electronic agendas and minutes, eSCRIBE offers modular, meeting management capabilities that you can add whenever you’re ready:
  • Electronic agendas and minutes;
  • Internet publishing;
  • Webcasting and closed captioning services;
  • Electronic voting;
  • Board management;
  • Phenomenal customer experience beginning to end;
  • And more!