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Accessibility Bundle Overview


The public sector faces growing pressure to meet digital accessibility standards with looming deadlines. Failure to comply can be serious, and in some jurisdictions, result in hefty fines. This standard also applies to most public sector meetings – including councils, boards and committees – and all of their related materials, from agendas to closed-captioning videos.

Many organizations have begun to assess their digital readiness and develop plans for achieving compliance. But questions remain, such as understanding the various terminologies, choosing the right technology, and confirming whether you’re truly compliant.

When it comes to meetings, accessibility can’t be solved with a point solution. It’s about the bigger picture, dealing not only with meeting-generated content but also content from internal and external sources.

eSCRIBE has experts who stay on top of the latest accessibility requirements. The eSCRIBE Accessibility bundle is designed to help validate and improve your accessibility to ensure your content meets the required standards.

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