Meeting Accessibility and Transparency Mandates

Many city and town boards, committees, and councils continue to rely on paper-based, manual processes to manage their meetings. The Digital Transformation that is taking place across governments is driving the need to both automate and streamline the complete meeting lifecycle, while addressing increasing transparency and accessibility requirements to their citizens.

eSCRIBE boosts accessibility, transparency, accountability and efficiency by replacing paper-based, manual processes, with a modular end-to-end meeting management and workflow solution that supports 21st century government.

Some of our government sector customers:

eSCRIBE is a comprehensive, end-to-end meeting management tool for:
• Clerks
• Committee Clerks
• Staff
• Elected Officials

7 hours/meeting saved from preparation tasks

Meeting outcomes are documented based on templates within a trackable system

$36,800 in potential annual savings

100-150 trees saved over 5 years

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“Both our MIS staff and our Clerk’s Department are very impressed with the smooth implementation and training. We find the product user friendly and we are impressed with the ability of eSCRIBE to meet our needs and adapt to our processes. The technical and procedural support provided by eSCRIBE staff is exceptional. We look forward to broadening our use of the paperless meeting management system and working with eSCRIBE.”


Lesley Todd
United Counties of Leeds and Grenville

eSCRIBE is the solution of choice for government organizations.

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