Webcasting Plus Module

Unlimited live and archival web streaming and content distribution

The Webcasting Plus module for eSCRIBE meeting management software is designed and optimized specifically for the streaming needs of public sector organizations, letting you easily stream without limits while meeting the requirements and expectations of your communities and stakeholders.

A fully-managed, end-to-end unlimited storage and streaming solution and integrated encoder, it provides everything you need to capture video from cameras located onsite in your council or boardrooms. Audio and video content are automatically indexed with the meeting’s agenda and minutes for publishing to the web, for both live and archived viewing.

Key Features

  • Unlimited storage and streaming of audio or video content
  • Automatically detects device used to view the video stream, and loads a suitable video player
  • Allows for smart (hyper) tags of video to agenda items and minutes
  • View entire meeting or jump to specific agenda item with a single tap
  • Access to reporting and metrics of viewership (number of viewers, etc.)
  • Any video capture source can be used, even from a cable company

Automated Closed Captioning

Make videos more inclusive and accessible than ever

Historically, the text that viewers see in videos was created entirely manually. The production costs can be extremely expensive, particularly for live content. Considering that most public sector meetings take more than an hour each time, the costs can quickly add up.

Today, automated closed captioning is offered as a fully-integrated option for eSCRIBE’s Webcasting Plus module, effortlessly bolstering your accessibility. And as an added bonus, eSCRIBE’s closed captioning process also automatically generates a transcript that can be used to validate and update manually entered meeting minutes — particularly valuable in jurisdictions that use the narrative style of minutes.

Key Features

  • 94%+ accuracy
  • Screen reader compatible
  • Text embedded into media player or available via iframe
  • A fraction of the going market rates
  • No hardware required

Key Features

  • Compliant with requirements such as ADA, AODA, WCAG 2.0
  • Transcripts provided
  • Available in English, French and Spanish
  • Ask about ASL, LSF and Lip Reading Services
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