Accessibility Policy


eSCRIBE is committed to identifying and eliminating any barriers that could restrict people with disabilities from accessing services. This includes employees, customers, partners and shareholders. In June 2005, the Ontario government passed the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act commonly referred to as AODA. The purpose of the Act is to establish and implement and provide the ability to enforce accessibility standards for all citizens of Ontario. eSCRIBE’s Accessibility Policy supports the AODA’s regulations.



To outline procedures that eSCRIBE is implementing to help remove barriers that would restrict a person’s ability to access its products and services. This document defines how eSCRIBE will achieve general accessibility in as an employer as well as in customer service and communications specifically.


Principals for Providing Accessibility to Persons Living with Disabilities

Dignity: Policies and procedures that treat everyone as equal and ensuring that people living with disabilities can effectively access and use products and services and are not forced to accept a lesser service.

Independence: Freedom to make your own choices and to do things in your own way. People who may move, speak or read information more slowly should not be denied an opportunity to access and use products and services as a result.

Integration: Allows people with disabilities to fully benefit from the same products and services, in the same place and in the same or similar way as other people, by being flexible to the fact that sometimes people with disabilities must use alternate means to access and use products and services.

Equal Opportunity: Means having the same opportunity to access and use the products and services to achieve the same benefits and outcomes as other people, without having to make significantly more effort.


Accessibility Plan

Our multi-year plan defines our approach to removing physical and virtual barriers to meet the requirement under the AODA and can be provided in the form of an accessible PDF format upon request. Progress on our plan will be reviewed annually and updates posted to our website as required.
Areas covered by the plan:

  • Company
  • Communication
  • Employment
  • Facilities
  • Customer service

eSCRIBE will ensure all staff are trained on Ontario’s AODA requirements and the overall Ontario Human Rights Code as it applies to persons living with disabilities. The training will be specific to job function and will be updated as required for changes in policy and to accommodate new staff.

eSCRIBE is committed to meeting the communications needs of people with disabilities by providing information and communication materials in accessible formats or with human support upon request. This includes pub